Modply's Guide to Planning Weddings, Part II - The Basics

Modply's Guide to Planning Weddings, Part II - The Basics

You met her. You liked her. You gave her a ring. Now you’re in the midst of wedding planning -- with no idea what you’re doing. Don’t worry; every guy who’s been a groom knows what you’re going through.

At Modply, we know how special a wedding is, and how much work is involved in the process. That’s why we’re here to help! Our wedding planning basics checklist can help you easily plan your special day.

The Binder

A wedding has a ton of moving parts, and each one is essential to help it run smoothly. But before the big day, those parts aren’t always moving together -- and that can lead to some serious headaches.

The first thing you should do once you're engaged (besides celebrate with your loved ones) is buy a simple 3-ring binder. Here you can store vendor information, quotes, receipts, and items like your wedding planning basics checklist!

A binder may seem like an unnecessary step, reserved for type-a organization nerds. But trust us, by the time the big day comes, you'll be grateful to have every invoice, itinerary, and seating chart in one place.

The Guest List

Once you have your binder in hand, it's time to start filling it. The best place to start is with your guest list: who will be invited to your wedding? Family? Co-workers? Your old college buddies? Everyone?

Make sure to discuss this at length with your partner. The guest list is one of the most important decisions you will make in the wedding planning process. The number of people you invite will determine the size of your venue, the vibe of your wedding, and (most importantly) your budget.

We suggest starting with a small list: immediate family only. Then, slowly build your list with the people who matter most to you: friends, cousins, your favorite co-workers. Once everyone is down on paper, you can make adjustments to suit your needs.

The Venue

Once the guest list is in order, you can start working on the next item on your wedding planning basics checklist: finding a venue! A simple internet search will yield countless churches, wineries, and restaurants in your area, and it's your job to find your favorite.

Visit as many venues as you can, and be sure to be clear about your budget limitations. Some venues offer better deals for weddings in the off season or on weekdays, (leaving you with some extra cash to get some wooden watches for the groomsmen), but you won't know unless you ask!

The Wedding Party

At this point, you may notice that there are a lot of items left on your wedding planning basics checklist. You might feel like you're going to need some backup! That's where the wedding party comes in. These people are the ones closest to you and your partner. Their mission? To help you manage the wedding stress, from the day you start planning until the moment you say “I do.”

With your wedding party and your binder at your side, you will be able to tackle any wedding planning drama that crosses your path. Make sure you choose the buddies that you know can be responsible, helpful, and a lot of fun (and don't forget to thank them with a gift -- our wooden watches for groomsmen are always a hit)!

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