Men’s Style on a Budget

Men’s Style on a Budget

How Guys Can Look Good On a Dime

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And your personal style shapes that impression, whether you're at a job interview, a college party, or a first date. This is why it's always important for a man to look his best.

But how can you look like a million bucks when all you can afford is Ramen for dinner? You have to know where you can splurge -- and where you should save. From high-quality basics to affordable wooden watches, here's how you can get killer men's style on a budget:

Define Your Look

These days, most men sport their personal style no matter where they are This means buying fewer clothes (score) -- but the look and feel are entirely up to you. Are you an outdoorsman in a North Face jacket? Is the leather-clad rockstar look more your speed? Browse your Instagram feed, look at some magazines, and see what sparks your interest.

Once you’ve decided on the look you want to wear, make sure you commit to it! I don’t care if you think it’s cool: if you’ve never gone camping a day in your life, do you need that orange hunting vest? Nothing will ruin your budget men’s style faster than buying things you don’t need, so make sure you stick with clothes you know you’ll wear.

Invest In The Basics

While you’re visiting the outlet mall and scouring the clearance rack, you may wonder: is there ever a reason to spend big bucks? Actually, yes. There are a few timeless wardrobe essentials that you can wear time and again. Because you’re likely to use these items for years, it’s worth spending a little extra scratch.

So, what exactly are “the basics”? These are the items every man will use: a long-sleeved white button down, the perfect pair of jeans, comfortable, yet stylish dress shoes, a versatile watch you can wear with any look. When you’re looking for one of these items, don’t be afraid to lay down a little extra. However, if you find them at a great value (our wooden watches are versatile and affordable) go forth and splurge!

Know Where to Shop

If you want to have a stylish wardrobe without overspending, you need to take your time and shop around. In fact, the key to men’s style on a budget is finding the right places to shop.

Find out where the nearest outlet mall is in your area. There, you’ll find lots of brand-name clothes at steep discounts, so you can dress up without going broke. Another great option is shopping online retailers; often they’ll get you high-end accessories at great prices (like our affordable wooden watches).

The next time you’re out shopping, make sure to remember these tips. If you do, you’ll be able to cultivate your personal men’s style and stick to any budget. Your wallet will thank you, and so will your mirror!

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