Wooden Watch Repair & Maintenance: Our Top Tips for Watch Care

Wooden Watch Repair & Maintenance: Our Top Tips for Watch Care

Basic Wooden Watch Cleaning

Cleaning a wooden watch is actually pretty simple!

A pin-sized amount of a mild dish soap, such as Dawn, and a lightly damp cloth will do the trick. With the soap mixed into the cloth, just wipe down the complete watch surface to remove any skin oils or grime that may have built up.

It is important to not let your wood watch soak or be submerged in water. In this case, just a little water can go a long way to prevent any wooden watch repair that could have otherwise been needed in the future!

After you are done cleaning, lay your watch on a dry towel and let air dry for 15 to 30 minutes.

How often you wear your watch will determine your cleaning schedule. For someone who wears their Modply wood watch roughly two to three days a week, we recommend cleaning their watch on a monthly basis. Doing a complete watch cleaning and repair check every six months is also recommended.

The Battery

All Modply wooden watches use a standard high-quality Sony or Energizer 377 watch battery (SR626SW).

You can expect the average life of this battery to be between 18 months and three years with normal use. To prolong the life of the battery, we recommend pausing the time on your Modply watch when not worn for extended periods of time.

When you do need to change the battery on your Modply wooden watch, this is the best time to do a thorough wooden watch repair and maintenance check. Just remove the four screws on the back cover plate and this will allow you or your jeweler access to the battery compartment. After the battery is swapped out remove any grime from everyday wear and thoroughly inspect the internal movement

Natural Aging

As you wear your wooden watch, you can expect the color to age, enhance and deepen in beauty over time. This is due to a number of factors such as skin oils, exposure to sunlight, humidity and air temperature.

Although some wood can age more dramatically than others, Modply puts forth strenuous effort to not only source wood responsibly, but to also source wood that is durable and maintains its original colors and feel for the longest time.

Regular, gentle cleaning and avoiding excess sunlight for lengthy periods of time will ensure your Modply watch will keep its color for years to come.

Casual Environments 

Modply wooden watches are designed to be worn uptown, downtown or for a night on the town. Our wooden watches are also perfect for the everyday gentlemen or classy lady who’s setting is a casual, elegant or sophisticated one.

Although Modply wooden watches are extremely durable and lightweight, we recommend against wearing them in settings that require extreme physical activity, places with high amounts of dust, or anywhere they’ll be subjected to extreme humidity (i.e. saunas). Avoiding these extreme settings prevents your wooden watch from needing repair in the future.

All Modply watches are water-resistant but they’re not waterproof. They are perfectly fine for washing your hands, but refrain from exposing your wooden watch to excess amounts of water. (i.e. swimming, showering, etc.)

Wooden Watch Repair

As with just about everything in life, we realize mistakes happen, things get damaged and repairs sometimes need to be made.

In the rare event your wooden watch needs repair, we recommend reaching out to our customer service team via sales@modply.com.

Since all of our watches are hand-made and assembled, we normally keep an assortment of extra components in stock that can get your watch looking brand new once again.

Most repairs can be made quickly, usually in three business days or less.

The cost for your Modply wooden watch repair is determined on a case by case basis. In the event we believe your watch would need repair beyond the price of a new watch, we will work with you to give you a discount on a new item in most situations.

Just like our sourcing practices, we will treat you honestly and fairly!

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