Engraving Ideas for Groomsmen Wooden Watches

Engraving Ideas for Groomsmen Wooden Watches

For your big day, there is a lot on your mind. Cake, food, honeymoon, your future in-laws, how much did it all cost? Oh, where are those rings again?!!

Our goal is to make the date a little easier while adding that cherry on top for you. Remember everyone might be looking at her, but she is looking at you!

For our groomsmen wooden watches, we offer four different styles that are designed to fit within your budget as well as match the overall look you are trying to achieve.

The perfect gift for you and your best friends on this big day are Modply groomsmen wooden watches. These watches will be something your friends will continue to use and wear as well as make you look like a hero, now and down the road. Let’s face it, the standard flask or ties do not cut it anymore.

Additionally, to make this cherry extra sweet you can add a personal engraving to your wooden watches for your friends and family members. With our wooden watches, you can give a great gift with that personal touch on top.

Below are some suggestions we have come up with to make the process a little smoother when picking out your groomsmen wooden watches.

The standard but classic. First, list the Groomsman’s name, the title in your party, and your wedding date.

The simple standard. Your groomsmen's’ initials and your wedding date.

The encouraging quote to your bachelor bros… from the first person to be married in your group.

The brothers for life no matter where they came from.

Keep it traditional but not over the top withthe person’s and the date.

Or, just leave it basic. After all, simple is better! Name and Date.

As you can see, there are plenty of great ideas for your best buds! Once they see the groomsmen wooden watches that you give to those you care about they will remember your special day just as much as you do!

If you’d like even more suggestions about what to engrave for on our men’s wooden watches for your groomsmen, contact us today or email sales@modply.com and we are happy to help you come up with additional ideas!

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