5 Engravings for your Scholar (or The Perfect Back to School Watch)

5 Engravings for your Scholar (or The Perfect Back to School Watch)

Here at Modply, all of our watches made from wood have the option to be custom engraved. This is one of the most unique aspects of our watches because an engraved message makes them undeniably one of a kind.

With six different series, finding the perfect back to school watch for your favorite student is simple to do!

Add a custom engraving to foster encouragement that will last much longer than the school year. Below are some of our favorite picks. Some are original to our Modply’s team, while others were inspired by other watch lovers.

1.“You only fail if you stop trying” – Keep ‘em going, nothing says confidence like the perfect back to school timepiece.

2.“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – We’re sure Albert Einstein would say, watches made from wood are creative, and contagious too!

3.“Believe you can and you will” – Belief, it’s what inspired Modply’s creator to begin offering his watches made out of wood. This phrase will never stop inspiring.

4.“Knowledge is power” – A classic, like watches made from all-natural wood.

5.“You are capable of amazing things” – Let the perfect back to school watch inspire your student to press on!

As you can see, it is easy to be inspired by these back to school engravings. There are countless fun and encouraging ways to send your loved one back to school in style and we would love to be part of that process.

Your scholar will be so surprised to find a unique personalized message on one of our watches and they are sure to be the talk amongst all their friends. 

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